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The Imperial
The Imperial
The Imperial
The Imperial
The Imperial

The Imperial

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Devambez Paris
The Imperial
The ritual of smoking is a daily cherished time — meet the moment day in and day out with a fine rolling paper fit for frequent use.


Smoking is a ritual, one that centers the day and brings a sense of calm and peace. And so, it deserves fine paper for every single smoke: The Imperial is ultra-thin with the distinctive Devambez watermark, handcrafted in small batches for daily smokes.

It is the centerpiece of the Devambez collection, made from organic hemp grown in the mythic Champagne region of France for the purest taste and relaxed burn. The handsome 100% cotton cover is naturally soft to the touch and embossed with an insignia unique only to Devambez, designed in 1888 by Edouard Devambez himself and made into a hand-sculpted stamp. As with rare books, letterpressed roman numerals indicate the year of production.

Every carton-blanc booklet, styled in the Napoleonic colors of red and blue, crisply contains 32 leaves and tips (or filters), which create a pleasant point of contact for the lips. The gum line is made of vegan and pesticide-free gum arabic, also known as acacia gum, collected from Senegal acacia and Vachellia seya, and offers the ideal stick.

Ideal as a regular part of a frequent smoker’s repertoire, we offer price benefits for orders of 12 and 24.


One booklet has 32 King Size leaves. 9.8 x 5.3 cm (3.86 x 2.08 in) and 32 tips. Our organic hemp paper with the Devambez watermark is the result of an exclusive collaboration with JOB de Jean Bardou, established in 1838. The tips are naturally biodegradable and unbleached. The Devambez signature is printed with vegetable inks on the tip.

The Devambez booklet cover is made of 100% cotton Gmund paper. On the booklet cover, the printing is letterpress and the Devambez coat of arms is embossed.

The Imperial hand-built cover sizes are 10.5 x 7.6 x 1 cm (4.13 x 3 x 0.39 in).
The tip sizes are 2.5 x 4 cm (0.98 x 1.57 in).
The red and blue elastic strap width is 1.6 cm (0.63 in).
Total weight 32 gr. Made in France.

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