That oh so cozy feeling!

There’s something about the advent of cool weather that makes us want to do a little closet refreshing, and the cornerstone of any winter wardrobe is a great knit. Whether your style leans sleek and minimalist, nostalgic and ladylike, or comfortable and low-key, there’s something you’ll want to stay cozy wearing from our latest photoshoot.  When we think of that oh so cozy winter feeling we also think of a warm fire and the inside warmth of a great cocktail. From glassware and decanters to shakers and wine openers, our vintage selection transports you to the nostalgia of shows like “Downton Abbey,” “Mad Men,” and “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.”
Our favorites include a just-loud-enough heavy turtleneck and matching skater pants in green from The Elder Statesman, a light as feather button down polo in white from Second Layer, and a Bvlgari Sterling inscribed beakers.  Looking for something to lift your vibration and expand your awareness?  Might we suggest our Creedite Cluster with Blue Topaz for which for lovely blissful feelings, which causes joy and happiness to flow through you.  No matter which route you take, we’re keeping this winter cozy from the inside out.