Oceanic 24K Yellow Gold and Black Sunglasses

Oceanic 24K Yellow Gold and Black Sunglasses

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Oceanic 24K Yellow Gold and Black  Sunglasses


The Oceanic frames have a timeless look with a square-shaped design and a keyhole bridge, yet contemporary using block titanium plated in 12k silver, 18k gold, or 24k gold, as well as a painted front for a color contrast or an unpainted front option for a seamless appearance. One of the Oceanic color options, the 24k Gold, is special with 24k gold-coated mirrored lenses from Meye Precious™. 


Material: 100% Pure Block Titanium
Ion-plated in 12k silver or 18k gold/rose gold
Titanium nose pads

Proprietary 12-layer anti-reflective UGR12™ coating, Diamond Cast™ anti-scratch coating, and water-repelling hydrophobic coating
Polarized CR-39 sun lens with 99.9% distortion-free, 100% UVA/UVB protection, and block eye-fatiguing blue light



Made in Japan