Tulip Spoon with Small Ants
Tulip Spoon with Small Ants
Tulip Spoon with Small Ants
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Bibi Van Der Velden
Tulip Spoon with Small Ants

One of a kind, hand painted spoon.

Within this exclusive limited edition collection, the serving bowls and plates stand out as true masterpieces of tableware. Each item narrates its own unique tale; for instance, the fruit stand features a captivating 3D snake winding around its stem, while hand-painted ants traverse its surface. Explore how these pieces can transform your table into a canvas of artistic exploration and discovery.

“I wanted to create a ceramics tableware collection that seamlessly marries functionality with aesthetic beauty, enriching the everyday dining experience with a touch of whimsy and artistry.” In the realm of fine dining and elegant gatherings, the choice of tableware is about making a statement, turning meals into memorable experiences. The Bibi Van der Velden Tableware Collection, is a fusion of unparalleled artistry, nature, and functionality. This limited edition collection, handcrafted in Holland, promises to transform your dining into a canvas of botanical wonder and sculptural beauty. Rooted in a profound appreciation for nature, Bibi Van der Velden, with her rich background in sculpture and alongside the talented Anouk Kramer, ventures into tableware.


5.5" X 1.18" X 1.18"

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