Wrap Yourself in Denis Colomb

When Dawn travels to Paris, she has a suitcase entirely filled with cashmere. Every single piece bears the name Denis Colomb. When it comes to luxury, Denis Colomb has placed himself entirely in a league of his own.  His shawls, scarves, blankets and throws exude calm and comfort.  His pieces have real value, integrity and longevity.  At A’maree’s, our approach for the store has, and will remain, true to curating collections made by real artisans and the art of hand making.  The feeling of love from maker to wearer is otherworldly.  We adore the words limited and hard to find, these are also true for Denis.  Last week, he stopped by the store and styled his collection on our house model Maysa.  To watch him work is an art in itself.  He knotted and draped feather weight scarves, so when Maysa moved she looked like an ad campaign for fresh air. He draped throws into coats and wrapped scarves into shields for the cold. The good news is you don’t need him on hand to achieve the same results. Slipping one of his ponchos on requires nothing more than a necklace, and even that is unnecessary.  

So, while the words wrapping are buzzing around the next few days, you’ll have to ask yourself, “Have I wrapped the person that matters most this year?"