Stack Your Rings Like Dawn

I love jewelry.  I wear a mix of incredible pieces that are both beautiful and also hold great sentimental value.  My husband, Jake, found a perfectly heart shaped stone on the beach in Patmos.  Without my knowing, and with the help of designer Ileana Makri, they turned it into a gorgeous necklace that I never take off.  The stone is encased in white gold and pavé diamond pendants were added, which mix beautifully with the stone.  
We didn’t carry fine jewelry back in our Eastbluff days.  Our clients would constantly ask us how to best accessorize the outfits they were being dressed in.  Our first question was, “What’s in your safe?” We wanted to know the pieces they had.  We always loved fine jewelry, and at the time people were only wearing costume.  
Now, about rings…For this story, I created a fantasy for your fingers.  I let my fingers do the thinking.  I combined my personal collection of rings with some of my favorites from the store.  For the past year, I have faithfully worn my mother’s wedding ring mixed with two Dawn rings from Ileana Makri (named after yours truly [insert nail polish emoji]) and two more princess rings from Marie-Hélène de Taillac. one in citrine and another in aquamarine.  I paired those rings with Irene Neuwirth and Darlene de Sedle.  I then added Aurora Lopez Mejia and Noor Fares.  I have always connected special people with special people, and my philosophy on wearing jewelry is the same.  Sidney Garber and Bibi Van Der Velden were also added.  My fantasy was fulfilled and now I share it with you!