Chic Winter Layering featuring Lakris and Suzi Wraps


Winter layering is all about balance, especially in Newport Beach. No one wants to sweat as a result of overdoing it, but adequate warmth is essential. What you’re looking for is “just enough”, and the key is to think quality, not quantity.  For us, it’s all about casual elegance.  



Our first lesson in layering comes via Lakris designer and founder Kristina Tsvetkova Sutton.  Kristina has created “The Evolution Shirt” - Its versatility makes it a universal translator among all cultures around the world and embodies what it truly means to be timeless.  We layered her shirt dresses a few ways.  The first was a lesson in tonality.  We paired The Evolution Shirt in Emerald with other pieces from her collection in the same color including a cami and wide leg pant.  Next, we buttoned, unbuttoned, and rebuttoned the shirts over the perfect slimming black pant from The Row; we weren’t shy about adding more and more jewels from Darlene de Sedle.  Hereu Studio suede mules completed the look.



The second lesson involves just one piece…the ultimate fleece, the kind that mixes with denim and knit sweaters as easily as it slips over a gown. Insert our dear friend Suzi Svrcek’s brand Suzi Wraps.  We began carrying these go anywhere, do anything wraps years back in our East Bluff location.  The shape is versatile and direct, available in just black and white.  In the white, we created a casual look with Citizen’s denim, a High Sport sweater, and Jil Sander boots.  The same white wrap was then shown with Peter Cohen’s Vicki Dress.  In black, we layered the wrap with textured knits from Boubitc, then swapped the knits for the Locket Dress from Peter Cohen, both looks are worn with thigh high Jil Sander boots.