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Flexibly Chic: Yoga Instructor Mary Buckingham invites you to practice at A'maree's

Flexibly Chic: Yoga Instructor Mary Buckingham invites you to practice at A'maree's

As part of our holistic approach to fashion, beauty and lifestyle, we sat down to chat and introduce our favorite local yoga instructor. She will be offering classes at the store. Read below to get to know her before you drop in!

A'maree's: We’re happy to chat with you today. We’ve loved watching you grow into the woman that you are!

Mind Body x Mary: Oh my gosh, I adore you ladies! I always say, my three favorite sisters besides my own.

A: Let’s talk yoga. How did you get into it?

M: I began practicing at 15 and was instantly drawn to the nourishing quality of the practice. Being an athlete from a young age put a lot of stress on my body. As soon as I came into the rooms, I felt like it provided the healing and balance that I really needed.

A: What’s your background

M: I’ve been extremely active my whole life. Because I was an athlete, the threshold for working out is abnormally high. After retiring from sports, I still maintained high levels of intensity when I would do anything physical. But because I had been practicing yoga, it continued to draw me back to center, calling me to slow down and heal from the inside out.

A: How is your practice different from other instructors?

M: My approach is holistic and therapeutic. I like to work one on one with clients in order to get really deep on their needs, which transcend beyond the asana (postures) and pranayama (breathwork). My goal is to help individuals identify areas of their life that are contributing to any avidya (misperception), typically driven by samskaras (conditions of the mind) to attain clarity.

A: Who would you like to work with?

M: I love teaching groups, semi privates and one on one.

A: You’ve been generous enough to offer classes to our clients! What times/days?

M: Thursdays from 8:30am-9:30am

A: Who is your ideal client?

M: There is no mold for an ideal client. I simply want people to show up for themselves, so that I can help them help themselves build a personal yoga practice and thereby a healthier relationship with self. Identifying samskaras (conditions of the mind), which can be positive or negative, is something I am dedicated to exploring with in.


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