Gifts that will last forever.

We have known artist Pierce Meehan since he was 13 years old.  Within our store,  his piece, Sol, hangs at the entrance.  When it comes to scale, Pierce is the master of the "aha moment”.  In Sol, his interpretation of the sun, you are immediately met with a warmth that vibrates inward.  That feeling of warmth is something we care a lot about at A’maree’s.  It’s a feeling we have continued to share over the past 44 years with our clients. 
When it comes to Pierce’s work itself, it is a representation of aqua culture.  No, that’s not just a fancier way to package surf culture, it is truly a representation of what it means to live in Newport Beach.  It means that for all the surfing, for all of the boating, and access to the outdoors year round, you have choices on just how you will do it.  At A’maree's, it means that everything we offer in our store has a purpose to be used and loved.  Undone, yet perfectly timeless would describe our approach.   We applaud the art of hand craft.  His piece Silver [Ag], which sits across from Sol in the store, is hand gilded in silver.  “While I breakdown the silver, most people would try and hide the individual pieces of silver leafing, but I love the imperfections.  It’s the feeling of interconnectedness I get while creating create something on such a large scale, yet it’s made by hand.”  That’s what were after, connectedness.  Whether it's large scale work like Pierce’s, or the hand working from clothing designer Daniela Gregis, there is a special feeling in what we choose for the store.  Jewelry designer Darlene de Sedle creates the same feeling using precious stones and gold, there is a permanence to her work. 
Today, with just seven days before Christmas, we share the art of craftsmanship and ideas for gifts that will last forever.