Don't you love being one of one? So do we...

Cole Ramstad has traveled the world to source the finest antique pieces. A laid-back curator from Los Angeles with a keen eye for one-of-a-kind items and impeccable taste in fashion, Cole is dedicated to the art of genuine craftsmanship.
Over time, the art of such fine craftsmanship has been lost. It’s his goal to revitalize a forgotten passion for curated, well-made pieces and to reinvigorate the role of the luxury collector.  Through RAMSTAD, Cole’s luxury cannabis and antiques company, Cole brings back the sophistication of smoking. His dedicated searches have led to the discovery of ash trays and lighters from the 1960s and retro living room ornaments from the 1970s. RAMSTAD’s unique pieces from the 20th century not only add a touch of vintage coolness to any setting, but they also elevate the ritual of smoking cannabis — a time that’s meant to slow you down and relax you, an experience that allows you to unwind and relish the environment around you. 
Amidst his hunt for luxurious 20th century antique pieces, Cole noticed the smoking culture was unabashedly opulent. He also noticed, however, that there is a gap in the marketing for modern day cannabis culture. Smoking has lost its classic, refined touch. Cole blends the new age with the old — his traditional bar pieces include vintage ice buckets and 1920s cut crystal decanters. “My clients are aesthetic obsessed. They are collectors of beauty — they are avid fans of storytelling through pieces that bring them back to simpler times,” Cole says. “It’s the way the lighter feels in your hands. It’s the way the ash tray adorns your altar. All of these smaller yet rare items bring the smoking experience to a whole new level.”  There’s also something to be said about the art of collecting. “I collect because there’s so much beauty in the world and I want to be a part of it,” Cole explains. “I collect things that I have a strong connection to.” As collectors ourselves, A’maree’s admires his dedication to storytelling through one-off pieces. All of the items in our store hold special value and honor the art of craftsmanship. It’s the message of passing things along, of respecting the history and dedication behind these pieces, that draw us into Cole’s curated world. 
Please join us this Friday, November 19th and Saturday, November 20th for the launch of Ramstad at Amaree's.